You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-7
January 20, 2017
Nusr-et Steakhouse
January 20, 2017


What is it that Nusret craze, it’s why people queue at the door?

Some of them make a painting, some of them become a book writer bestseller … I am an artist of this work. I cut meat like poetry, I cook. I love you and I love you. I’ve been working like this since the first day. Therefore, “we came here straight from the airport,” I have a lot of customers

you taking your own flesh still, you’re no longer the boss of me?

Ete is the heart to go to this job, you can not leave him to anyone. At 6am, “Bismillah” is the way out. Kadıköy, Bostanci, Tuzla … If I do not find what I want, there is a road to Afyon, Kayseri. If I’m the safest guy, I will not quit. First of all, the meat will be good, the rest is easy.

How much total meat is consumed per month in your spaces?

Only Etiler has 1 tonne of meat a day.

Including yours?

Valla takes 4 pounds a day and a baklava on it (laughter).

Oh, watch out, boy, this rate gout be you …

Do not worry, brother, I would if I were ‘very gut’ would be my (laughter) …


money right, the best of clothes, a car from the fiyakala. So the definition of happiness in his life only
does it consist of?

The customer comes in, smiles at me after he eats the first bite or something, that’s what you call happiness for me. This is enough for me!

“Do not you have a wife, let my children run in my house”?

Actually I want 5 children, but I work 18 hours a day. Who gets me on this temp? I am unhappy with my married wife, and I am unhappy. Because I have to compromise my profession to spare time, but I can not even leave my job to the person I trust. That’s why I live my love!


As long as everyone succeeded, these conversations talked to Nurella in her style of clothing that would make “Bird fly babyyy”. I have this taste outside of work, I’m pityful of it. I have no drinking, no dressing, no holiday habits. An upstream, with car … I deserve them and I think I have to dress well

Well ‘Who is doing the styling?

It’s good to call Stefano Gabbana. We have a lot of opportunities. When new models come out, they call themselves or stylists and say, “These products look great to you.” They even call on fashion days. But I dress according to my head.


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