You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-6
January 20, 2017
You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-8
January 20, 2017

Is it true that Ferit Abi gave you $ 6 million to become a partner, or is it urban legend?

Urban legend. Everyone knows that 6 million, but there’s more …

rest is obvious, “God walks or my servant,” he said. But this land has come to you narrow down the path to the Arabian desert …

Towards telling you, brother, Dubai’s open Nusrat was 3 months. We do not have a major meal out there representing our country, or I am a bitch before this situation. Elin Italia sells a pasta, a pizza, and sells it to the world. We have a much richer material. I want to brand our mutfağımızda opened to Dubai.

Steakhouse is not our culture too, but whatever comes … Dubai Sheikh Do you delight in eating it
talking about?

It will not come! He does not even stay in a restaurant for 20 minutes or more, and he comes to me for 2 hours.

What’s the difference between the king dressing and the others?

The front-line officers come and give me a list of elm, but I still read what I know. When they arrive, they think that what they want will be equipped with a table. I sit on the bare table and immediately give the cold meat, my salat.

Well, the men say, “Who are you changing the king’s line”?

It was a bit of anxiety at first but I calmed them down. When the King comes, I only give meat and tell all of them individually. “This is our spaghetti, this is our lug, this is our cage”. We’re good with the king. He’s happy in the room. Man posing with photos, greetings with it, public fuse is so …

Whether you are King Ferit you grab the Şahenk hand …

We are always already her side. Our place is like the kitchen of his palace …

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