You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-5
January 20, 2017
You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-7
January 20, 2017


Did you show that America no matter how crazy?

Of course, I made it clear right now. There was a brother with a restaurant there. When he met me at the airport, he said, “Go to bed first, meet in the morning.” “Abi I came to work, what a rest”, I went to the kitchen. After I got the supplies, I started the show. Mexican cooks are working in the restaurant and they do not know what they’re doing right. Half of the meat goes to waste …

So what did you do that?

I started to cut the lambs in the air. The mouths of the Mexicans are open to the naked eye, and they record me on camera, which has taken out their cell phones. By the way, I do not have a rest or anything, I work like crazy. On the other hand, Mithat Abi is calling and making a call. The man is afraid of course I will stay there. “I keep looking at my brother, I will come,” I say.

So you see, but really to see, returned to his hometown also open this shop ba bro …

Stop brother will cut more watermelon (laughter). The biggest dream was the Turkish nightclub, I said not to go back without doing it, and the help was also … It was a great organization. I prepared the message and printed Nusret on it. People are eating on the one hand, and on the other. I checked in the New York Times the next day. They gave the visa difficult, but we heard about the most important journal of the men.


How did your roads break with Ferit Sahenk?

Already Ferit Abi, a client I admire for his gaze. Especially the ‘cage’ came to the restaurant. He would have appreciated the work we did, and he offered the partnership right. “If Ferit Abi wants, the waters flowing for me will stop and honor him.”

Of course, unless you buy the right Mithat Ferit Evening locate Evening …

Make Do I have such a thing? I talked to him. Abi Ferit Sahenk is offering you partnership, will you think for a minute?

Well I can not answer this question for me that there is no proposal …

(if Laughs) How do we want it, we said whatever conditions are right, we began to work in half. Ferit Abi has the following characteristic, when he thinks beyond a step, he has already calculated 5 moves after. The energy he gives to people, his hand grip is very different. I know him very well now, and I know what to do and what not to do!

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