You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume 4
January 19, 2017
You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-6
January 20, 2017

Nusret Gökçe: You are a butcher and stay a butcher!

Never! And I am always going to do what I am going to do in America, I can not accept the rejection as I get rejected, I go crazy.

By the way, are you still working in the same place?

The men want to fire me, but they are afraid of losing a hard-working man. In the meantime, I started to write about it slowly. I cut them all off and put them in front of the man in the visa department. I also wrote a letter from a client in the Turkish American Businessmen Association, “I love this job, I want to learn different things,” I said. Eventually I got the visa, as well as pull ropes pulled (laughs) …

You’re pulling ropes, what about the boss?

Anyway, they started to say, “Who are you behind, what are you doing?” At that time, my current partner, Mithat Abi, said he wanted to call. “Let’s work together,” he said, but then he was looking for a million men a day and offering a partnership.

Did any of the millions of men have names we know of?

Can not that be? Kenan Doğulu, Ajda Pekkan, Orhan Baba even proposed partnership. But I knew that if I did this with them, I would not be as happy as today. Anyway, I’m giving an appointment to the end of the work for all those who offer the job.

It’s 2 o’clock to 1 o’clock in the evening, the conversation is over, everyone is in the land. Someone does not even think, “Is this guy’s money in his pocket? We drink tea, talk business, then Nusret goes home with base money. “This man is leaving me here half way, how will the partnership be?” I’m saying all.

Nusret Gökçe: Bosses, you are out of the butcher said stay

Midhat Abu go left you home then …

both to the door. I said, “If we are in common with you, you will not interfere in anything.” Our brand name will be Nusret, “I did not object. “I put my money, you put the capital, 6 months later I bought you a gift of money counting machine, I will come,” I added. And 4 months after I opened the shop, I paid half the investment. And then I really went and bought a cash machine.

If we go back to Nusret’s ‘American Dream’ for now.

Once I’m in the head, I will go! At the same time, the expectation was final and I was fired from my old workplace. They had the shop renovated, there was a group of tourists who had booked months in advance. When our side did not open, the doomsday broke because I hosted them in the kebab! I thought we made money when the shop was closed, and we were fired on it. That gas bought my ticket, I went and I stepped on American … Mithat Abi’yl the agreement we have at this time, we will open corner shop …

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