Nusret Gökçe: Bosses said “you are a butcher stay a butcher” Volume-3
January 19, 2017
You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-5
January 20, 2017

Nusret Gökçe: You are a butcher and stay a butcher!

I want you to withdraw my documentary, not him.

Not necessarily going to be a spectacle, always going to do a show …

around me everyone says, is an amazing success story for my life. People see, I want you to know. Indeed through the fight, I’ll scratch but the meat of the book writer …

So who are attracted to this ‘Lord of meat’ documentary?

Omer Faruk Sorak would be nice to you!


On one side “Nusrat air input butt stood” those who, on the other hand “He’s our brother, let’s go there” ciler … Good or bad, everyone is talking about you, when you look in the mirror “Halal get me,” you say?

I say, because I deserve it! But I’m never in the weather. I know where I came from. I understand the etten as much as I understand it. I do not listen to what is said about me, but I do not get any calendars.

I’m having fun, I love this photo job. Meanwhile my clients call, “Nusrat account morale am down look that
I’m having fun,” he says. This is going to make me crazy.

And you made yourself a “Godfather” in your profile.

Ee our lifestyle brother (laughs). As a joke, I like my life very much.

How come you got mafia?

None of the following: I have gone to cinema 5 times in my life from time to time … I had a small operation in time. My friend came to the hospital, so I did not get bored with this movie. I watched it, it came so real .. I was very impressed, and then I made a profile photo.

You’re drawn to photograph celebrities and the people with you …

especially in Dubai, shopping malls, airplanes, grill the beginning, in the hall, everywhere to cut my way, they want to take a selfie.

Oralardaki reputation Kivanc caught Tatlıtuğ’un kinie pattern …

fashion in Dubai and the Turkish series player is now over, passed us. Only Nusret is talking now. We called “Bismillah” and turned the key without advertisement and without PR. I just used my Instagram account. Reservations burst, queues again at the door …

bosses here are going crazy, of course …

And what … Until 1 month who have permission to use? In that workplace we did not go to the census only because there was a ban on going out on the street (laughter). Luckily, when I saw the lokum I made in Argentina, it softened and became like lokum!

You read your life university in Istanbul, master in Argentina. So either you or your doctor

I wanted to learn the techniques of cooking good restaurants. But they did not give me any visa, I have been rejected 5 times by the consulate.

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