Where is Sprinkle Chef From?
January 19, 2017
Nusret Gökçe: Bosses said “you are a butcher stay a butcher” Volume-3
January 19, 2017

You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume 2

Forced bought would perhaps be more accurate. I worked more as I stumbled. After I came from the military, I started to dominate the job. I got a lot of people from that time when I took orders at the counter.

I LEFT WORK, GO Recep I WATCH İvedik’in

And the name of the meat date to ‘bloody’ to start printing the letters …

(Laughter) They look fine, is opened did the butcher responsible for the branch in me Istinye Park. Ee steak is popular, I am digging, my relationships with customers is pattern 10 number 5 stars … Briefly there is no place I did not step foot in the sah, I was everywhere like Superman.

After a bit, I’m afraid “My mystic powers have” you say ..

do not lie, but I was! When people come, I cook and cook the meat according to their style. I’m in charge of pat patrol, pat patrol. Everyone I eat with my own choice of meat. I will serve without even giving to the waiter. I do not give a damn at all like Chief …

Surprisingly make you experience like you our very professional …

I was already in it (laughter). I started to sink well. Because now everybody knew my name. The word “find Nusret” when he went there spread quickly.

Nusret Gökçe: Bosses said “you are a butcher stay a butcher”

‘Ear to ear whisper newspaper’ headline now Nusrat pattern …

Exactly! After a while, the job returned to “What do you say we are.” As such, the other workers were upset.
One morning the bosses called me and said, “Come to Bostanci now.”

Ooh eventually you are promoted!

Nerdeeeee (laughs). I learned that they want to send me to Bostanci where I started from İstinye and where I started first. Patrona “If I go there, I will go back 10 years, I do not do anything bad, and the customers love me too”, but the answers were “My son, what a difference”. The job came to “No Bostanci ya”. They said, “You know,” and they showed me the door when they could not compromise. I gathered my brothers and I left.

Had you look at your own desires, what do you trust and play with your brothers’ bread?

To myself! I did not have any money. We have not done anything other than work for a long time. At that time, “Recep İvedik” has just entered the vision, “Come on, change our air,” saying that we went to the cinema together for the first time after years. When my tencerem was boiling, leaving my job like playing my ape, I guess the money was based on the door. After 10 days, the bread has fallen down. The “Dükkan Steakhouse” in Armutlu is also the most popular times. I went to his owner’s side and said, “Three sisters hire us and do not think about the rest.” He said, “I tell you I’m a Nusretçiğim” and sent me out politely.

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