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January 20, 2017
Nusr-Et meaty magic part-1
January 20, 2017
  • Sheikh Nusret entered the queueEntering Dubai from abroad, Nusret became the focus of the Arabs. In 3 months 6 thousand people came to the restaurant. Nusret Gökçe, who recently hosted Sheikh El Maktum and Al Nahayan, said, “Despite booking, people wait for 2-3 hours queue”

In 2009, he talked about his success story with Nusret Gökçe, who opened his first restaurant with businessman Mithat Erdem in 2010, working illegally in New York for 3 months, learning the fineness of the meat there, holding the meat of the main homeland of Argentina. He met his first overseas branch which opened under Dubai Four Seasons Hotel 3 months ago with Gökçe who chose to go to Tuzla and Çatalca every morning and his own meat which is standing at the beginning of day and night work.

How is Dubai going?
In the past, tourists used to fear Istanbul. Today, the number of Arab customers is 60-70 percent. We opened up Dubai without making any publicity. The next day, 500 people ate at the restaurant. The phones are locked. People are standing for two to three hours despite making reservations.

How many people came here in three months?
600-700 people come in a day. 6,000 people ate in three months. At this time, we went to restaurants like Dubai’s leading Zuma, Armani, Cut, La Petit Maison and Roberto’s.

How many times did Dubai shahi El Maktum arrive?
Four times.

7 Did the leader of the Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan come?
He came last week. I did not introduce myself, at the end of my meal, I shook hands and thanked me for opening a restaurant in Dubai. ‘Do you need something? I’m waiting for Abu Dhabi, “he said. Nusret is a brand adopted by the Arabs.

Can we say ‘Turkey is a world-famous restaurant’?
I recently fly with Emirates Airlines. The hostess wanted to take pictures with me. Do you know me? “We know a THY, a Nusret”.

Today you have 8 restaurants. How many people worked in the first Nusret, how many now?
The first restaurant had 6-7 tables, 10 people. Now Nusret has 500 people working.

How many tons of meat consumption per day?
Five tones in 8 restaurants.

What sort of Nusret’s perception was there in strangers?
The Middle East has us, and we love them too. Businessmen say, “Even if we have an excuse, we go to Istanbul and eat in Nusret.” Sultanahmet, Topkapi Palace, Yerebatan Cistern, Haghia Sophia, Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower after 7th of Nusret Istanbul’s wonderful … This is how the foreign businessman comes.


Is there a recession in the food and beverage sector in Istanbul?
Stop dropping, there is even an increase. I do not see unhappy people. We are addressing a certain cut. But I look at the investments of the people who come, the things they do, I do not feel a crisis. Nusret businessmen ‘happy end’. This never diminished. He tells himself where he is going when he comes to Turkey. I get on the plane, I greet half of Business Class. Nusret is now among the places to be seen in Istanbul.


meat prices in Turkey rose by 30 percent in recent years. Do you have a speculation on the price? What to do?
No production, lots of consumption. State supported animal husbandry, gave incentive, but nobody is producing. The price rises when imports from abroad are cut off.

Is the solution production?
Certainly … We also have a farm goal, but the race and genus are not clear. But we use only the main parts, the rest of the meatballs, döner, sausage, bacon is the right thing to do business. Or just steak entrecote production will be made to

have your expensive prices you find on … Meat prices will also fall down do you discount?
Ete 30 percent raise, we did not raise a penny for 2 sen.

You are meat masters. How can a citizen understand smuggled meat?
Citizens must be conscious. When they get meat, they prefer neighborhood butchers. Because the townhouse has a responsibility, no chance of doing anything wrong. There is also a lot of control in the markets.


Do you think there needs to meat imports in Turkey right now?
Importation is needed to relieve the market. How many pounds of meat do you eat yourself per year? I eat meat even at breakfast. ‘Are you not afraid of gout disease?’ We are very good. I do sports a lot of time in the morning, and then I need protein. Where does Nusret Gokce earn? My home in Zorlu, I have my summer house in Bodrum Mandarin. I’m on the Ferrari. I got the target. Cash investment after that. Recently, foreign media are writing you … we have news Financial Times two weeks ago. It was a praiseworthy article with the title ‘Competition in Arab nights’. Hıncal Uluç sees you as very popular and ad-hoc, have you met him? First Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray match I want to make a barbecue at home, I will go to the roof gate. A very skillful pen, if you appreciate it, that’s it.

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