You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume 2
January 19, 2017
You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume 4
January 19, 2017

Nusret Gökçe: Bosses said “you are a butcher stay a butcher” Volume-3

Half of those who say, “We call you,” were actually called, and they would not be unemployed in the country.

Vallahi is so, but now I think the guy is a “He” and I am still a member of him who is still working with him. There are no villages beyond fate, thanks to him is his markam.

Did not the former bosses ever say, “Go back, go back, go back, do you lie?”

I do not ask songs, nor turkler (laughs) … After 15 days he called me “We are the father and son, the meat is not separated from the nail”. I accepted it, provided my siblings came too. They went to Bostancı, I first started in Nişantaşı and then went to the branch in Etiler.

Do you think Etiler’s carp has an important place?

Of course! There was already a good cycle. The bosses opened a small steakhouse opposite the kebab in the same name. I send gourmet gifts to the kebab vendors. That little shop, as a turnover, started to confront the big kebab.

Nusret Gökçe: Bosses said “you are a butcher stay a butcher” 

the bosses suppose both cases, both are happy with you now.

No, I was disappointed when I saw my sincerity with the customer. They forbade me to come out and serve the fairytale. “After that you will only be butchers,” said the chaplain, the butcher.

A light bulb burned on me. Head to head, I’m on my way to Argentina. How much are they “Are you crazy?” I took a free allowance from the bosses and the roads fell down to 35 cents in my pocket … A client I love very much helped and gave me some money with the numbers of people I had to meet when I went to Buenos Aires.


Is not no you foreign language?

Zero, neither Spanish nor English! But there is full ambition. Self-confidence is also full. I got stuck, I’ll do it. As soon as we landed, I went to the consulate and got acquainted with our commercial attachments. He was mad like me … He helped me out. “I’m doing my meat job, farm, slaughterhouse, no matter where, give me a lead,” I said. The man was impressed and replied, “What comes from my hand?”

And Nusret is in the oven!

Exactly as well! The man said ‘Nusret’, ‘I’m a psychopath, okay, but I have not seen as crazy as you.

Keep the stick he himself saw the crazy crazy …

Ours she was account. I only have meat in my head. We started to cut farms, farms. I saw all the good restaurants, then I got all the ridiculous.

You stay in the misguided one end of the world … 35 months

ago 1 month, 3 months later I had a go. I say “1 year” when they ask me what they say “what did you learn in 1 month”. On the one hand I have to go back to Turkey, or this time they will definitely fire.

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