Instagram. Nusret Gökçe, beautiful butcher, collects subscribers
May 8, 2014
Is Salt Bae Nusret Married or Single?
May 10, 2014

Here is Nusret Gokce , the turkish chef of humble origins , now head of hundreds of employees, which is making depopulate the web. Nothing great in the kitchen, if not abundant that seems to offer its many loyal customers and the chain Nusr-et Steak House opened since 2010 and with six local spread between Istanbul, Ankara and Dubai . If anything Nus-ret seems to do havoc on the web. On his Instagram page , assaulted by a million and a half followers , he has built an attractive image in just a few years, and in some ways even a little ‘tacky, the cook pleaser that caresses Florentine and threads as if they were bodies of Ms. , and then center them in his famous touch with sprinkle of salt that comes down from above, and posture bullfighter, that online ended up being both a “meme” that a “hashtag” – #saltbae – Hits till you drop two millions of users.

In his club there are over Fabio Capello and Roger Federer ,Mesut Ozil , Antonio Banderas and Tommy Hilfiger ; but beyond the shots in which he poses next to the trade show celebrity, almost as if it were the owner of any trattoriola of the province that welcomes comedians and singers of Sanremo finished off the road, Nusret #Saltbae is now pop icon because of the web He has been able to leverage social as any star of the showbiz. Some say that to let him make the leap to popularity was a tweet R & B singer Bruno Mars , but the chef of the Bosphorus realistically had already touched the hearts of many young girls , and the stomachs of several carnivores, with online movies where whispers lovingly to the sheep, gets licked on the nose from steers or massaging the backs of his cows and then the next moment find yourself sferruzzarne tender grilled loins. Matter of taste, it will say, but Nus-rat seems to be born almost more to recite it for cooking. Just look at the menu of his chain and understand that this is a huge barbecue with family with small changes in cooking, some dumpling, a shrimp cocktail and a couple of salads right to seat some bored Turkish personalities.

Whereas when Nus-rat is positioned to sit like a great Hollywood actor and takes pictures here online on its social profiles hell breaks loose. See him imitating Brando in The Godfather , Al Pacino in Scarface , or simply with the Cuban Fidel Castro in his mouth , it is priceless. Then there is the touch of genius in nazionalpopolare Erdogan looks good at all times. Before the strong symbolism related to the Turkish red flag, moon and white star, with which you wrap in front of his restaurant or to the shots with the police; Nus-rat then takes off his elegant clothes not just from sweaty chef and toasted by the vapors of the kitchen and there he is shirtless hold a jackhammer in ten workers in a turkish yard , presumably arise where one of his new restaurant. Finally, the infinite sequence in which the chef turkish “dominates” the meat that will, and will cut, on the table. A terrifying flood of cattle, pigs, and sheep slaughtered and gutted that surround model Rocky in Philadelphia or that form the backdrop of ready shelves directly as T-bone steaks.

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