You are a butcher and stay a butcher! volume-8
January 20, 2017
Master of Meat
January 20, 2017

Man Nusret Gökçe

I continue to recommend places that are not suitable for vegetarians. What can I do, I am a complete meat enthusiast. The place I would like to recommend, with an atmospheric space that will not look like medieval hans. Plenty of meat, wine and wood tables of the most unique Nusr-et in steakhouses . Istanbul Etiler was opened in Çamlık in 2010. He has walked in celebrity since day. Especially businessmen are among the regular ones. It does not matter whether you are on weekdays or the end of the day.

In their special cabinets, the environs of the place, including those that were taken to rest, were exposed to the wildness inside, and I echoed the ears of my ancestors in the caves.

I like meat, but I do not know how to choose. There is not a menu card anyway. While I was listening to the expertise in front of the meat rack, there was a man who had a love of meat, who massaged them and put them in shape with care.

I chose flesh with no bone, about 25% fat, defined as medium to medium rare, and returned to my wife’s side.

“Maybe he set his profession when he was naming his family!” Said my wife. Both the words that come together and the meaning of the forehead are written from the beginning. The meaning of the name is; Taking the help of God, he has reached to the zafere by taking his superior qualities over time. After finishing the elementary school, he left his chosen profession, the school, and started the butcher with his brother. Günaydın Et, his first and only business, has succeeded to own his own business. He has mastered it for about 14 years, has developed himself, has developed as a visionary personality over time. The dispute in the workplace has begun to spread abroad. He went to Argentina, known for his quality meat, worked on farms, restaurants, and then went to New York.

When he returned to Turkey, he started his own business by partnering with businessman Mithat Erdem, who was once a customer. Now he is interested in collecting information about palate tastes and handling his orders with his suggestions.

The animals presented in Nusr-et are cultivated specially in Edirne, Balikesir, Afyon and Çanakkale and cut by “human methods” in Tuzla. In a few weeks, in special cabinets, at 0 degree, still resting – the rest of the meal is cooked in oak coal fire in a cast iron barbecue.

Meats are served with potatoes. It is not recommended to eat with salad in order to make the aroma spoiled. Actually I am very open, while I was waiting, I ate a truffle with tulum cheese, green sardine with pomegranate syrup. The sea salt was poured over the meat which was presented on the board. Oh, what a taste of it, babe! In the meantime, I got tired of my wife’s t-bone steak. I wish before I go on the website and watch AymIşIm Vedat Milori the program aired. Nusret Gökçe tells you how to beat the flavor of your meat without losing its aroma, I recommend you to watch. Vedat Milor was fond of the meats and the wines were mediocre as far as I can tell. On his question, we learn that customers who want can come here with their own wines.

Well of course not cheap, quality meat after all. Quality is price balanced. When you eat a portion of a meal with a drink, you are spending the equivalent of a full menu of alcoholic beverages in a fountain. Of course, this may vary depending on the weight of the meat you eat and the weight.

In addition to the restaurant in Etiler Çamlık, Bebek also has Nusr-Et Burger. They plan to open branches in Bağdat Caddesi and Zorlu Kuleleri, but their aim is not to be a restaurant chain. The lion lying in the heart of Nusret Gökçe, one day to go to New York, open a steakhouse and sell terraciye cress. Nusret Gökçe, who has signed this success without reaching the age of 30 yet, has been working very hard indeed.

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