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Nusr-Et Steakhouse Istanbul Review

picture: Salt Bae with Former Victoria's Secret model Bar Refaeli

When you welcomed with a significant screen of dry aged meat, you certainly understand you are in  for a treat. I feel like my jaw fell to the floor. A smile was drawn on my face as I strolled in the direction of the major seating area of Nusr-Et Steakhouse. Oh my God! The vibes, the waitress, the open kitchen area as well as wood inspired indoor… A great first impression for Salt Bae’s restaurant.

Nusret steakhouse is a must to go place while in Turkey for travelers.

A marvelous steakhouse one can’t miss. The restaurant named after Salt Bae  as well as it has actually made its reputation around the world. Sensual meat and hot waiters with well shaved mustaches putting on brief pants, white tee shirts, black suspenders and black footwears. Some of the waiters use red aprons. They’re fun, songs is enjoyable and also the location is so wonderfully embellished that you’re delivered right into the Far West. Beside the entrance is the open kitchen area on one side and a lengthy fridge on the other where countless portions of meat are entrusted to se comfortably as well as smoothly. A wooden floor, a reduced ceiling but enough light coming from all sides adding quality to the room. I was more than happy to come right here Nusret Steakhouse for lunch.

On the Nusret Gokce‘s menu you’ll find a selection of starters, large portion of meats, couple of salad choices, of course steaks, beef fillet, lamb, delicious hamburgers, cheese meatballs, sujuk, (kind of sausage but believe me better one), fish as well as garnish. Deserts, baklava, kunefe, and more end the experience in style. I liked exactly how the water gets here to the table as well as lemon pieces follows to and also is included live in front of our eyes. Not our waiters only, but everyone working at Nusret Steakhouse rocks .With skill as well as style the service is professional. Price is middling high, but worth the price.

One of the most unique dining experience with Nusret Steakhouse:


  • 3 unique sushi portions, fire grilled in front of your table on a wood board. Even more of fantastic food, the program is appealing as well as unforgettable. Oh my Goodness! A very tender item of meat with a piece of fat in its heart covered with chips and also covered with salt as well as full of rice. That’s most likely one of the most soft portion of meat I have actually ever before tried in my life! The meat, the rice, the crunchiness of the potatoes, the extreme salt … Just amazing! Smoked meat, very finely prepared shows up on a wood board.
  • Sprinkle chef where are you? I just wanna kiss you. What is that? That remarkable marveling, lightly colored meat with great amount of fat. Very finely cut, juicy, smoked, oily and also fatty and also sprayed with pepper as well as shredded Parmesan.  I fall in love with this
  • Goat cheese salad with Mediterranean greens, corn,virgin olive oil, walnut, as well as pomegranate. A charitable part, fresh components, excellent outcome. It awesome! Wonderful sauce.

Meat at the Nusret’s

  • Nusret spaghetti without pasta whatsoever, very finely sliced and cut in pieces, exceptionally tender as well as juicy veal ribs loin marinaded in added virgin olive oil and also have an odor led with sea salt. That’s not simply excellent, that’s a desire, that’s a trip that turned on all my detects at the same time …That’s a different world, I can even describe it !
  • Salt Bae Lokum beef filet; a number of thinly sliced beef fillet meat charcoal grilled for you. to excellence, tender and also juicy. that sort of meat you desire you can consume each day of your life. Bravo is the least that could be claimed.
  • Is that a hamburger or am I fantasizing? The discussion is various to begin with, 2 buns covered with sesame are cleared in the within and also packed gain a large portion of meat. A massive piece of meat, juicy as well as tender, fatty to the bones, a hamburger halve and also toasted in the center. The picture speaks for itself. I feel like I was about crying from happiness. Huge pieces of onions are caramelized to excellence, cheddar cheese, the smokiness of the meat yet realize, that’s a hamburger for the aficionados. The meat is extreme! I appreciated it as is without spices.

If you assume the food is good, wait until baklava that Turkish dessert can take your soul from your body.  Walnut baklava cake bread full of vanilla ice cream. It’s intriguing.  The meat here is to die for. Possibly among the very best meat dining establishments worldwide. Believe me Salt Bae aka Nusret Gokce knows what he is doing.

Review by Jessica A. from New York

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