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January 20, 2017
January 27, 2017

Nusret Gökçe was working at Etiler Günaydın Kasabı in Istanbul. It was his first job and he left there even though he never quit his passion on meat. He continues his passion with his  new partner Mithat Erdem who has been a customer for many years of Günaydın. Mithat and Nusret knew each other long time.  Let’s have a brief summary for those who do not know. As a child who does not intend to read Nusret, insted of go to the  school age of 14, Nusret went to butcher shop to work with his brother, and bring home money.  Today he’s only 27 years old (2011), but he’s a meat master. Nusret’s worked in different steakhouses in New York is right before he opens Nusr-et Steak House in Istanbul. As well as training on meat and cooking techniques from Argentina. With 14 years of experience, Nusret is literally a meatbasket, but he is also modest.

He is always on top of his work. You can  see him in front of the grill for a moment, then he is serving to customer with his hands. Then he’s at the door greets to customers. It’s more than three to five hours, and at 3:00 in the morning when the meat is going to go to the meatballs in Tuzla/Istanbul.

In the place, the racons eat what Nusret said. Instead of sitting at the table, go to the place where the grill is and look at the vitrine in front of you first. Meat is on the shelves and in the display with labels containing information on which region the animal was removed from and on which date it was cut. These meats have names such as Lokum (Turkish delight), Ceviz (walnut). Three-dimensional Nusr-et kofte (Nusr-et meatballs), hamburger. Honestly Turkish delight and walnut are my favorites. You can get french fries, spinach roots or pies alongside the meats as garnish. Let’s say they are quite ambitious at patateste. (In the meantime, if you have salt sensitivity, it is useful to specify.) Meat is served only with Marmara region. They do not go a step beyond the boundaries of the region. That explains why the best meat comes from this region, master.

Decoration is in all the steakhouse as here, but if you ask us, the wood is more successful in terms of integrity. There is also an open kitchen right behind the showcase where the meat is displayed in order. The meat is in a visible place, in the heart of the space beside the meat cabinets, allowing you to see that part whenever you want. The real benefactor of this is Nusret. He is hobbling away from the gap between the grill and the aspirator, and he talks about choosing meats. It is full at noon working hours, evening, all hours every day. If you call before you go, might be you can see him there, and make him serve you.

Lokum (200g) : £ 35
Kofte (Three-dimensional meatballs):  $ 20
Steaktartar : (200 grams of tenderloin) 30 per
ribeye steak: (400-450 g) £ 45

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