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January 20, 2017
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January 20, 2017

Nusret said that”These meats are magic”!

Nusr-Et Steakhouse has actually turned into one of the very best in Istanbul by offering scrumptious meats in a comfortable ambience, that you could selected on your own from the glass refrigerators being took care of by the in residence butcher. There is an amazing option of meat consisting of T-Bone Steak, Lamb T-bone, Lamb Chops, 2 type of meatballs, Fillet Mignon, and also a lot more. All steaks are offered with potatoes and also spinach puree on you possess individual wood sculpting board.

Here is the real success story. He is only 27 years old but has a 14 years long butchery career. In his own words he made his master in Argentina and his phd in America. He has opened his first Nusr-Et Steak House with his partner Mithat Erdem at Etiler/Istanbul.The successful restauranteur co-owns the self-titled steakhouse chain Nusr-Et (which are also a pun, as in Turkish, “Et” also translates to “meat”) Do not think that they are going to visit their restaurant and check the situation once in a while. They spend a large part of their day their beloved grille personally. Nusret Gokce greets all his guests at the door and presents a live menu. Then he prepares the meat with his hands and offers the service for their customers Nusret himself.
 After all, he accept the compliment gracefully from his customers.  Because these meats are really delicious!
Gokce family originally associated with Erzurum/Turkey. When Nusret was a child he had migrated from Erzurum to Istanbul. After schooling, he found his way into the post-elementary school and started work with his brother who was a butcher in a famous kebab chain Gunaydin. He wanted to realize the difficulty of his business life and go back to the school at the beginning of the road, but it is too late. He also touched helplessly, worked with the mighty, and discovered that he liked meat. He has improved himself and his business. According to Gökçe, in the last four or five years, the size of the butcher has changed and it has become more enjoyable … “In the last period, the meat is bindable. The steaks were very snug, and the customers started to look at us differently than the captain. They care about us, especially the pleasure areas of the business like me, wade employees … “Indeed, had been concentrated in the heavens, and has followed the path of curiosity and excitement to him. Nusret went first to Argentina, where he examined them individually until they were cut off from how the animals were fed. He saw how the animals were fed, how they were cut, and how they were cooked. He learned about the meat-resting features. Later, he worked in three different restaurants in New York, where he had a lot of steakhouses, and learned different cooking techniques and how to serve meat. Then everything was so fast, he could not follow, he still can not reach his own pace, because he does not have time to stop and look at himself!
Open his own place
“My customer in recent years was encouraging me in opening my own place. I have received offers from many who have been among the celebrities. My current partner Mithat Erdem has been a customer to my old working place for years also. It was a long-lasting place where I was working. I was wondering about myself as I followed my clients very closely.
Mithat Erdem called me one day and he said that ‘Meat season opened, where are you?’ He had a desire to open a place. At this point I give the promise to Mithat Erdem. He said that “I am a very good customer, I’ve run many businesses, but never experienced anything Like restaurant business. Even that until Nusret called me, I had no such idea. I came to the idea and immediately decided to take the application. I am an easy partner, even if it’s a tough client. “When it comes to naming a twin business restaurant that decides the partnership, Nusret’s idea is advanced. “I am a customer of my own, so I thought that it would be a good idea to use the step if the customer is the guy who added the love of meat here. Mithat Erdem agreed.
Live menu
Does not have a menu available to guests.  Nusret himself personally see the menu task. Already there is nothing other than salad, wine and meat here.
“If I welcome you for the first time, I ask which meat you like and how much you cook and I am on a recommendation.Pickers can choose to fill. Even so if your dentist give you a recomendation about eating your meat   it’s already dig in my memory. I know everything about my customers and meat. I make an order without asking them. If there is new costmers in, I’m on the recommendation. My old customers are confident of my choices, they will not object”said Nusret.
Nusret has a special name for meat in his live menu, like lokum (Turkish delight) and ceviz (walnut), and when he tells him what kind of meat he wants, he says,” I am preparing you lokum or walnut. This two comes from back part from animal and most delicious part, indeed.  We rested these meats for about 30 days, so it is very soft. So, like ‘lokum’, it gives the feeling that it is getting better on the palate. In the ‘walnut’ prepared from the outside of the back, you feel the meat you eat, you are chewing. Aroma, flavor fully in place.  
Prepare yourself for meat 
” I do not leave the grill or meat to anyone. Ten seconds I can turn my back. Arrivals already booked. I know how many will come. I’m doing my preparations. When my guests arrive, I throw their meat on the grill. The customers are also accustomed to this situation. We start with ‘Steak Tartar’. Carpaccio’m, we have Parmesan.Beside the meats we also give potatoes, spinach and kumpir. I do not allow any garnets to pass in front of the meat. “The young meat wizards, who say that the meat is closing late even though the meat is late, suggests to its guests,” Eat less in the morning, snack at lunch, prepare yourself meat ” said Nusret Gokce.On the lower floor of Nusr-Et there are warehouses. Some of the flesh is made up of Angus from Argentina and Uruguay. In the rest of Manisa/Turkey, they buy a farm. “We have farms in Tuzla that we work all the time. I know the serial number of all the meat, and it shows itself when it is already cut” said Nusret. He says ” I’m here. I’m doing wet and dry rested meat. Dry ages 21 to 45 days of dry rest, we rest in the locker meat. Wet rest is 15 days. I cut the meat with a special electric saw from Italy. Casting on the grid, I’m cooking with oak charcoal fire. ”

New but mellow
In the Project Design Office worked with the decoration of the Nusret to Inspire and Erhan Anxiety. The room where the wood is kept in intensity and the aged image is created is colored with small details. “I have visited many steakhouses and restaurants in America. I saw the ambience of all of them in place. I took their photos. Most of the steakhouses there use an open kitchen. That’s what we did. Large wooden tables, large chandeliers, decorated with fresh flowers in the tables. We found out similarities by going out on the road and decorated Nusr-Et accordingly. ”

Nusret Gökçe and his partner Mithat Erdem, who have spent their lives with architects after preparing their projects, also add that they are working very harmoniously as a team. Meats served on teak wood made in accordance with the decor are also sometimes served on white porcelain plates. The preference is left to the customers. The blades were brought from Brazil in a comfortable, cut-to-match fashion. The place is very busy from 07:30pm to 09.30pm. and is booked after  09.30pm. Nusr-Et is looking for a new branch in Baghdad Street/Istanbul. There are plans to open a burger restaurant before this.

Tel: 0212 265 30 37

What Where

Chandeliers: Aytac Chandelier/ Turkey

Tables, chairs: Special order/ Turkey
Tables index: Special Production/Turkey
Mussels: Paşabahçe/Turkey
Blades: Special productions from Brazil.
Plates: Steelight
Forks: R Stars
Kitchen Equipment: S 2000, Zanussi.

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