January 27, 2017
Nusr-Et Steakhouse Istanbul Review
February 4, 2017

Leonardo Dicaprio was once a vegan until he heard of Salt Bae

Nusret Steakhouse continues to welcome world famous stars.

It was reported that Nusret, who became a social media famous with the way of throwing salt in the days of the winner, hosted Leonardo DiCaprio at his lunch spot -Nusret steakhouse- in Dubai at noon today.

Nusret Leads Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio

Oneday you’re simply a routine individual vivaciously salting a steak, the following you’re socializing with Leonardo DiCaprio, drinking pricey red and also chewing on toothpicks.

Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish butcher that generated a million memes as well as a football celebration, simply uploaded a picture on Instagram of himself using his trademark flavoring – which my resources inform me is the crystallised tears or unicorns – to the steak of the Oscar winner.

Nusret steakhouse in Turkey and Dubai branch followed by thousands of users in a short time Then Oscar-winning Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio went to Nusret steakhouse in Dubai. Nusret Gokce, who is known to open a steakhouse in London, is said to have received 300,000 people in a short period of time.

DiCaprio’s expression appears to recommend either “That asado looks dope” or “Pop culture has actually come to be confusingly mystical in 2017 I can not maintain”

Gökçe, much better called Salt Bae, has actually come to be so popular he’s landed his very own steakhouse in New york city, which is readied to open up soon in September 2017.

DiCaprio is no stranger to food-based memes


Nusret SteakHouse Reviews:

Yasin E. From Turkey

“V.I.P treatment for the likely lads from Sheffield”

I’m not usually one who writes a review, however credit where credit is due. An excellent experience from the ambience once entering the Nusret Steakhouse to the VIP like treatment during our stay made only more enjoyable from the personal service from the owner himself who delightfully and surgically sliced away our rock of lamb to the gregarious manager Volkan who made sure all our expectations were met. As for the food- .

Can’t wait for the London Nusret Steakhouse branch to open.

(There is a fantastic selection of meat including T-Bone Steak, Lamb T-bone, Lamb Chops, two kinds of meatballs, Fillet Mignon, and much more. All steaks are served with potatoes and spinach puree on you own personal wooden carving board).


Rasht from Iran

“Delicious & Classy”

Nusret has very decent and polite staff and serve on time . i have been 4 times in nusrat and enjoyed alot


Steven Chesney from New York

“Great Steak House Show !”

We had a company dinner with 25 people on May 24 at Nusret Ankara. We had Asado Beef Ribs, Lamb Chops, Nusret Specialties named Spaghetti, Lokum and Meat Sushi. All were great, but Asado Beef Ribs and Spaghetti were the stars of the night. Salads were also very fresh and tasty. Wine selection was perfect. The service was slow at the beginning them they caught our group pace later. Nusret knows how to cook all variety of the meats. It is a great steakhouse, prices were reasonable for the quality of the meat, strongly recommended.

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