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January 20, 2017
Nusr-et Steak House
January 20, 2017

How To Cook Barbecued Meat, How To Cook

In order to make the meat cooked on the barbecue delicious, the turning must be done with a tongs instead of a fork. The waters in the meat that are turned by the fork turn into the oven for the actuation of the fire. Remember that the most important element of the meat is its taste, along with the water in it.

Throw in an apple or a piece of lemon rind that you have washed for the smell of roasted smoke and flavor of the barbecue you have cooked on the barbecue.

A few branches of rosemary can add a different flavor to the meat.

Mangalda Meat Cooking Tips from Master

Opening the barbecue pleasure with red meat finale sausage

The picnic season opened with the sun showing itself.
The meat enthusiasts also pulled off their banquets. Nusret Gökçe, 28 years old, owner of Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Etiler, points out the faults of barbecue enthusiasts: Our butchers beat and beat the meat. When you beat the meat, the meat goes out. The water will be tasteless when you go. We also have tomatoes and peppers on the barbecue, and the fire ends. Do not throw anything at your side as you cook your meat.

In order to enjoy a barbecue you will not forget in the open air. Of course, the first job to choose the right barbecue … When you get the barbecue, it is necessary to pay attention to iron. Gökçe says that the iron grill is a fast-paced feature, so it gets both fever quickly and does not cool too quickly: meat is not cooked healthy in aluminum, copper or tinned mangal. Absolutely must have barbecue iron. Because the anchor has the characteristic of being angry and chewy. There is also the feature of sealing from the outside (the two sides of the meat with high heat, to be etched, to stay in all food and liquids).

Marinated meatballs, while the chops cook with blazing fire ……… according to Gökçe ideal coal for charcoal, what is done in oak … also in their restaurant that uses this coal emphasizing Gokce, even the oak coal cooked meat smell the opinion that different …
Gokce, the higher the coal It covers a thin ash layer and tells you that the correct heat is reached when you see the core fire from inside. You need to get the fire to sleep, the fire to get a little awake. Your meatball should not be cooked on a very heavy fireplace. Chicken and meatballs are not very raw meat. If the fire is too harsh this time it burns out, the inside is drenched. So if there is a fire that is dipped in meatballs and chicken, it will be exactly the desired flavor. The exact opposite is true for chops. If the fire is burned while cooking the rice cookers, the outside will be caramelized, crispy and crispy. The inside will be pink and watery, the meat will be dry. If you are cooking well-cooked meat you will fry a very long fire, if you are undercooked, you will be fired on dead fire.

Prefer medium cooked and bloody meat for the most delicious barbecue meat

Heaven says that the meat must be cooked to get the best taste of the barbecue: If it is undercooked you can not get the aroma well because it is very raw. It’s too hard to cook. Most ideal is medium or medium. I like to eat medium cooked and bloody meat. Some want thick meat, but they want you to cook too. You put the meat in the grill, if you are good cooked, if the meat is thick you can not cook it that way. But if you close the barbecue, both the outside and the inside will be cooked. Because both the steam and the fire together will be cooked together. If you cook meatballs, chicken and sausage, the order of throwing the meat on the fire is also very important: Sucuk must be the last choice. Because the juice has a certain flavor. If you throw away the water beforehand, you can not enjoy the other meat. So we will start with red meat, we will continue with the chicken and we will do the final with sausage.

Rest a thick steak for a maximum of 3-5 minutes

It is also a very important step to rest after the meat is cooked in the barbecue. Thunder, If we cook thick steak, it should be rest for a maximum of 3-5 minutes after it comes to confluence. Because when we throw steak into a fired fire, the meat freaks out. When you throw the meat into the fire, the meat will pull itself first. The reason we listen to the meat is to open the enzymes of the meat and let it slowly stop itself. So we are both more juicy and softer. Otherwise, the meat itself is very overcooked. Let it await and it will bring out the water and flavor. So you need to rest.

The biggest mistake of the Turks is the barbecued meat too.

According to Nusret Gökçe, the biggest mistake of the Turks when making barbecue is to cook too much meat. The more you cook the meat, the dry it is. Gökçe, Ideal köfte, will be fried like pomegranate, meatballs are already swollen, bloated. The process is complete when you swollen and swollen. Another big mistake is the cooking of vegetables other than small barbecued meat. Your barbecue is great, and if you break some of it up, I’ll say “okay.” But in our little barbecue we cook both meat, pepper and onion together. Then the fire is losing its air, not enough. Tomatoes and peppers are arranged on the barbecue, and the fire ends. Because of that, the meat becomes dry and tasteless.

Say “never do violence to my flesh” while taking the captain meat

Nusret Gökçe also underlines the need to show love for him when he is cooking meat: “I need to practice violence on my meat” while taking meat. Our classic butchers beat and beat meat. When the meat is beaten, the meat goes out. The water will be tasteless when you go. Heavenly, saying that the biggest mistake of the Turks is to stay away from the mangal while barbecuing: do not stay away from Mangala. If you need barbecue in the middle, take the chairs around the table. On the barbecue you are even more beautiful and enjoyable. I always do that. But if you are a crowd of 4 people, it would not be practical to do that.
We are approaching ete with love. We do not make meat too thick, it’s too thin … We’re doing it in the middle of the two. When you fry, you make 2 minutes a face and 2 minutes you make another face. Then you rest for 1 minute. It takes you five minutes in total.

Tips and Tricks for Grille and Grill

Yeah, well, thank goodness it started to improve. Buddha means that the weekend getaways to get the start Grill, meat, fish, raki team established the wings and forcing them to join us in an unbearable way. In the days when I wanted to have a picnic, I searched for the subtleties of barbecuing for you. There are some tips that can be quite useful to you in the article … What we say is that the wing stays at the altitude of the grid

Most importantly, specify that you are going to grill while shopping for the captain. Because meat is cooked in a boiled egg, the meat to be grilled is both a genus and a cut.

The tricks of making a barbecue:

1-If you put a little lemon or orange shell on the charcoal for a minute or two before cooking the meats, the aroma, especially the fish and chicken grilles, which will be produced by their burning gives a nice delicacy and fragrance.

2- If you lightly drench a few untreated garlic and pour over the barbecue over the last few minutes of the grill, the flavor of the smoke that comes out of them will add a wonderful flavor to your meat and even your grilled vegetables.

3-If you are cooking lamb chops, you will let it soak in a bowl of cold water for an hour. You can ‘roast’ the dried rosemary roast on the coals while cooking the roast beef. The reason for putting these weeds in cold water is to delay their burning and to make them smoke more.

4- The barbecue offers you unlimited opportunities to “slaughter” or “smoked”. At the beginning of these is a method of throwing chips of aromatic trees on a barbecue. For example, if you can find chips from trees like cherry, walnut, oak, you can let these chips burn for one hour in cold water and sprinkle them over the coals. Thus, the wonderful scent of these fragrant trees smells your meat and gives them very different flavors. I think you should definitely try this summer.

5-You can also use fresh herbs in the smelting business. For example, in the last two minutes of cooking fresh thyme, sage, fresh basil or fresh marjoram, you can add brand-new smoked tastes to the meat by sprinkling it on the carrots. For this you can take the seeds of these weeds and put them in your pots or horticulture already, because these days are the right time.

6-If you can thoroughly clean your grill and even if you have a separate grill, you can make grilled fruit on it and serve it for dessert. For example, pineapple slices, half-cut peaches or red plum cut in half. You can also make a sweet sauce on them by mixing yogurt and a salad.

7-On the edges of the barbecue which are not directly exposed to coal fire, you can put the vegetables to be packed in the aluminum foil on the wire and cook it by steaming. You can also serve these vegetables next to the grilled meats.

8-The barbecue steam technique is very suitable for all fish. Again put the fish sauce and a few lemon slices into the aluminum foil, pack them and cook slowly on the edges of the barbecue.

9-Grilling meats and vegetables to remove grid marks and make them cross-bred to give the image is beautiful and I think it is very important. To do this: First place the meat or vegetable on the grill at an angle of 45 degrees for you. In the half of the cooking time, turn them in the direction opposite to this one at 90 degrees and put them on the grill again.

10-Olive oil, battered garlic and vinegar mix will prepare a ‘lubrication’ mix to both your meat and fish, and to add a wonderful flavor is ideal for. Try.
A must for barbecues:

Essentially a barbecue grill with a ‘cooking’ technique, as with every meal technique, contains certain basic rules. Below you will be counting the number of times you will stick to this rule, the barbecues will be much more successful than the grilles:

Be organized
to coal before beginning the process Mangal, your firewood, tools you use, meat, vegetables and flavoring to use when grid should be prepared in advance. This is the first and most important way to prevent fuss and error.

Adjust the amount of coal do good
rule of thumb when Barbecue grill: Coal, right from the surface area to cook food and should be spread more inches to the left to repair. Instead of adding coal later, apply this rule from the beginning and keep the amount of coal abundant. While burning coal, avoid using kerosene or chemical-specific ignition. They add an unpleasant smell to your meat and vegetables. They are also harmful to health.

To begin to cook before they reach the high temperatures
Barbecue grill ‘high temperature’ is the cooking method. Because the aroma of the carrots can pass through food and at the same time the heat must be high so you can leave the grill marks on the meat and vegetables. Coals were covered with a thin layer of ash, and the right heat was reached when the core was visible. You can also do the following test: Move your hand to the fire at the height of the grill. If you can hold your hand there for a maximum of two seconds, the fire has reached a high temperature. If you can hold it for five seconds without holding your hand, if the temperature is low, if you can hold it for four seconds, and if you can hold it for three seconds, the heat is medium-high. You can not cook delicious without reaching the high heat level.

Keep your grill clean
grill wire grilling on the ruins of old food stuck driving something so unthinkable. Also, if your grill wire is dirty, the food you cook will stick to the telephone. For that reason, after the grill wire / iron barbecue party is finished, it is necessary to dig with a wire brush if possible and wash thoroughly with soap. At the same time, you should wash it again before you start baking and put it on the barbecue after it is cooked.

Lubricate the wire grill
meat, fish, or you need to wire before starting lubrication must work to prevent sticking to the iron grill of vegetables. For this you can lubricate a folded paper kitchen towel, with a long tongue on the wire, or you can dip a cut onion into olive oil and a long fork to grill the wire. The onion, if it is too light, will add a flavor of tele.

Turning the dipping your fork meat
, especially steak, turn the steak and chops using tongs only. Because if you turn the fork into the flesh, the delicious water in the flesh flows out through the holes that will open the fork and you will have to eat a dried meat or chicken without flavor. You should also not cook and dry your meat too much. The meats must be at least medium cooked and some must remain watery. Otherwise, what you eat is not different from the piece of wood.

Your meat during cooking oil to rub or sauce over
meat or with different blends to give them a different flavor of the chicken may be a good idea to marinate. Also, when the meats are cooked, it is necessary to occasionally lubricate them with olive oil using a brush and even rinse them occasionally with a marine mixture. It is important that you pay attention to the following point: If the sauce you are going to eat is, for example, “BBQ” (barbecue) sauce sold in markets, you should drive right onto the meat at the end of this beautiful sauce pişmen. Because the sugar in this and such sauces early when you go to the caramelize candy is burning, and this flavor of the meat breaks.

Stay off the lid and cook meat as
you like to eat your steak or steak as thick or if you cook a whole chicken, then barbecued ‘indirect’ (indirect) when cooking with the cooking method gives better results. In this method, the coals are on both sides of the barbecue, and the grill is in the middle. In other words, the heat of the coal does not come directly under and under the food, it comes indirectly from the sides. When you want to cook thick meat with this method, you should cook the (if any) barbecue lid closed. Do not forget that every time you open the cover, you will be added to your cooked snack for 5-10 minutes.

A few minutes rest after cooking meat
cooking meat juices are collected during the middle of the meat. If you serve them after resting for a minute or two on the cutting board, you will ensure that these waters are redistributed to all the internal tissues of the meat, which in turn increases the flavor.

10. Do not never leave your Flurries
Grill technique is one of the easiest cooking techniques. However, it still requires constant attention. This is both the taste and the correct cooking of the cooked material, as well as the prevention of a possible danger. Do not leave the barbecue as much as possible after starting the barbecue for that reason.

Things to watch out for when cooking meat on barbecue

 Yücesan said that the picnic season was opened with the heating of the air and that the barbecue which is one of the indispensable ones of the picnic started, and that the rules of cooking should be paid attention to keep the barbecue as a pleasure.Yücesan emphasizes that picnic and barbecue are an indispensable part of Turkish culture, “Pirzolalar, steaks, köfteler are mostly cooked on the barbecue accompanied by family and friendly conversations. However, we are seeing that in recent years, he has been playing a leading role in the red meat season for barbecue accompanied by warnings about health. According to this warning, guilty barbecue, red meat is difficult to understand. Actually none. The only thing to be careful about is to cook the right product in the right way. ”

Yücesan stressed that the foods exposed to high temperatures are risky for health. He said that the meats should not be prepared, kept waiting, not cooked properly, cooked wrongly not only for barbecue but also for all consumption habits.

ETBİR Chairman Ahmet Yücesan, said: “This is why we ate as much as we ate what we ate healthy eating. Health risks can arise due to the techniques of preparing and cooking foods. These include frying and cooking the meat at high temperatures. In this way, during the cooking, the hydrocyclic aromatic amines and nitrites emerge. Foods cooked in barbecued meat or vegetables are exposed to the same amount of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. As the water rate in vegetables is higher than meat, the negative effect is less, but the vitamins lose their value significantly. Whether the meat is white or red meat does not make a difference in terms of the carcinogenic effect. The risk is equally observed in all groups in this cooking mode. ”

How to make a barbecue?

Yücesan voiced that the most important point that should be taken into consideration when the barbecue is done is that it has been burned thoroughly, said: “If the meat is to be cooked on the barbecue, it is firstly necessary to wait for the fire to become a corn. Then meat, vegetables or what is to be cooked should be placed at least 15 centimeters away from the fire. Thus, the meat is cooked slowly. Red meat can also be consumed safely, at least as accurately as other meat groups. The method which is harmful here is very fast cooking of meat. The second one is that the oil falling from the meat burns in the coal and is oxidized and somehow sticks to the ete again. Therefore fatty meat dumplings instead of or less
of the fatty meats and sausages prepared with conventional methods to be preferred and the prevention of oil dripping flame important. In this regard, juicy, electric bangs may also be preferred. Here, however, the distance between the meat and the grill must be protected to 15 centimeters. Another important point to note when grilling is not to be exposed to smoke. For this reason, the barbecue should definitely be burned outdoors and it is important to keep away from the smoke. ”

Yücesan said that experts say that about 35 percent of the nutrition is effective in cancer formation and that the important point that should not be forgotten is that 70 percent of the cancers arise with preventable causes. “The diet should be rich in juice and cucumbers with vitamin C

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